Advantages Of Using PBX Systems

To be able to facilitate telecommunication, telephony system like IP PBX or VOIP PBX is making use of IP date networks. Among the known benefit of using VOIP PBX systems is the fact that it doesn't need to replace their current phone numbers or phone units just to accommodate new VOIP facility. It is robust technology that works side by side with existing communication infrastructure.

To put it simply, VOIP technology can use existing PSTN lines through VOIP gateway and there is no additional infrastructure involved in whole installation process.

The basic architecture for IP PBX systems has one or more SIP phones or VOIP phones, IP PBX server and VOIP gateway as mentioned earlier that would be connected to the current PSTN lines. IP PBX server actually works like a proxy server. The VOIP or SIP phones which could be either soft phones or hardware phones need to register with IP PBX server and when they like to make a call to other phones, a SIP or VOIP phone, a request is sent to IP PBX server in order to establish connection. IP PBX server has directory of all phones/users and their respective SIP addresses and by utilizing this information, it is capable of connecting internal call or route external call through VOIP service provider or VOIP gateway or whichever is applicable.

The most notable advantage of using VOIP PBX is the fact that it is much easier to configure and install compared to the conventional telephone systems. The truth is, anyone who has basic knowledge of computer as well as networking will face no problem with regards to installing IP PBX in a computer and maintain it well. There will be no complex wiring that have to be dealt with since it is all software.

If somebody likes to connect hardware phone to Avaya PBX phone System Dubai , then he/she could plug it directly to a standard network port. This should be read in backdrop in case of proprietary phones, just trained and seasoned technicians are able to handle its configuration, installation, overall maintenance and wiring.

Another known advantage that employers and companies love about IP PBX is the low cost operation it has. Even long distance calls or international calls are a lot cheaper as the calls are making use of IP networks. The call will be free of charge in the event that it's made between polycom conference phone Dubai systems that are linking branches of enterprises. Furthermore, because IP PBX is built on open SIP standard, the users can make use of any SIP hardware or software phone with almost any VOIP or IP PBX provider or SIP based PSTN gateway.

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